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Top 5 Ways Business Owners Can Raise Startup Funding

Recent studies have shown that a significantly high percentage of small businesses fail during their first year of operation. It was discovered that the most common reason for this is inadequate funding or the lack of it. Money is the fuel of any startup. Growth and expansion will be impossible without it.

It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to nurture an idea and establish it as a business. Funding issues come up at every stage of a business. Do not let your drive go to waste because of financial issues. You should learn about the best ways of getting that idea funded for the short term and long term.

The top 5 ways you can raise startup funding as a business owner are discussed in this article. They have been arranged in no particular order.

  • Small Loans

The bank is usually the first choice for many entrepreneurs. However, it is a tedious process to obtain loans from them. You can try online loan providers as an alternative.

  • Credit Cards

This is good for short term financing.  You will have a higher chance of raising funds this way if your credit history is good. There are specialized credit cards issued by banks to small business owners.

  • Crowdfunding

This method of raising money for startups has gained significant popularity in recent years. There are online platforms that facilitate the raising of funds for projects like startups.

As an entrepreneur, all you have to do is to post a comprehensive description of your idea or business on these platforms. It is similar to posting a business plan. People will read it, and may decide to part with some money to finance the proposal.

You have to describe yourself as the brain behind the idea too. Tell your potential benefactors your story to get them more interested. This is a competitive method of raising funds, so you have to give it your best shot. Occulus Rift, PopSocket, and Allbirds were crowdfunded startups that became million dollar businesses.

  • Venture Capitalist

This is a group that seeks to fund startups. They are investors that offer the needed money and resources to get an idea off the ground. If you want the help of such investors, you may have to give them partial control over your business.

  • Angel Investors

These types of investors are similar to venture capitalists. The difference is that it can be just an individual or a very small group. Also, you may have to give up a larger portion of your business (in terms of control) compared to what venture capitalists may demand. They could demand 49 percent of the company.

To pique the interest of investors, you should try getting professional help for your pitch deck design from the right business planning experts. A pitch deck is used to present an overview of a business plan to investors.

Make the best decision for yourself from the above financing options. You can learn about the other options available out there if you have reservations about the ones discussed here.

The Best Asset Tracking Software That You Should Use

Assets are indeed a very critical and vital component of any kind of business or even organization; assets will indeed play a pivotal role when it comes to many things. They are actually necessary for people and businesses as well. They help largely in financial matters. Tracking the assets can indeed be one of the most time-consuming as well as trying tasks for the people at the organization. The very good news is that there are barcodes, scanners, asset tracking software that would be of great assistance when it comes to the tracking of the assets. Asset tracking will indeed act as a tool which can streamline the entire day of work and will also help you make the employees work in a more efficient and productive way. The best kind of asset tracking solution, as well as tools, can indeed enable the organizations which will help in track and repair as well as the maintenance, asset locations and also some very crucial asset information too. Well, in this guide, I have compiled some asset tracking software that will indeed do a good job and also reduce some of your stress load.

  • Share My Toolbox is indeed a great and modern tool for tracking all of your tools. It will also enable the contractors to keep proper tabs on all of their investment when it comes to many small tools which they use in the course of conducting the business. It even comes with a great and clean interface which is also intuitive and even unique. They make it possible to move the tools from the warehouse and onto the field or even from person to person in a very fluid and amazing way.

WiseTrack Core Asset Tracking

  • WiseTrack Core Asset Tracking would indeed manage the data for all of the assets, location, users and even the vendors. All of the data is perfectly organized when it comes to a central asset unit. WiseTrack Core features in Windows would indeed use interface designs, and this would make it simple and even familiar for all of the users. It is tested with Windows and even more technologies and software. It is actually built to scale. It has also been known to support multiple users. It can even run a single stand-alone solution. It has also been known to be easily customizable, which will indeed suit your specific needs.
  • IntelliTrack software manages and also puts the inventory as well as the assets, including anything and everything that can be tagged and bar-coded as well. You can view the data in real time, and you can also access the data on the browser, which has an internet connection.