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We are a group of financial advisors who are trying to make sure that you have the right strategy allowing you to grow.

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We reflect on your bank statements and give you ideas on the aspects where you can save money.

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Client Feedback

“Sequent Capital gave me ways which helped me save a lot of money where I did not realise I was loosing them.”

Alex A. Seda

“Their customer service team is one of the best as they made sure that everything is done right when it comes to helping us.”

Rosa D. Zabala

“I must say that if you are planning to earn a few bucks and trying to save them. Sequent Capital will make everything work for you.”

Cynthia S. Jackson

“I am an avid shopped and Sequent Capital made me realise all of the problems that there are with my spending habits.”

George C. Tice

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