We have partnered with one of the top crypto platforms that offers trading in more than 300 cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens.

And we are happy to offer a unique service to institutional and professional clients:

Safekeeping of BTC and ETH in cold storage in our facility, in London, whilst having the equivalent trading limit on HitBTC. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are not yet regulated we apply the most stringent FCA requirements to keep your assets safe.

Advisory trading whereby our brokers provide continuous market guidance, research and trade ideas with a comfort of a “private banking account”.

Established in 2013 Over 300 instruments
Enhanced services for professional traders
Over 50,000 BTC average daily volume


1) You apply for the account setup

2) We run KYC/AML checks verifying your identity and source of funds

3) You fund the account with BTC or ETH with Sequant Capital just as you would fund it with HitBTC directly

4) We set the limit on HitBTC equal to your deposit and these coins are held with us as initial collateral, which is held safe with us until you decide to withdraw.

5) Start Trading

Please Note:

– Your custody fee will be charged in currency you deposited and trading limit on exchange will be reduced for the equivalent amount in currency that you have the highest balance.

– When you decide to transfer your coins out you give us an instruction and we will arrange the transfer in any cryptocurrency.


Custody: 0.20% monthly (minimum deposit is 10 BTC equivalent)

Brokerage Services:

Advisory Trading Account: TBD (minimum deposit is 10 BTC equivalent)

Execution Only Account: TBD (minimum deposit is 10 BTC equivalent)

Exchange fees are extra.


Being a regulated firm we apply equivalent rules equally to regulated and non-regulated assets you trade with us. We do enhanced AML checks with our partner IdentityMindGlobal.

As an FCA regulated broker Sequant Capital is offering this service only to clients who qualify as “professional”. According to FCA and European MIFID rules to chose to be treated as “elective professional” clients (private persons or authorised persons on behalf of a company) need to satisfy at least two of the following criteria:
1) the client has carried out transactions in significant size on the relevant market at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over a year
2) the size of client’s portfolio including cash, securities and cryptocurrencies exceed 500,000 EUR
3) the client works or has worked in the financial sector at least one year in a professional position which requires investment and trading knowledge.

There are also other criteria (e.g. high net worth) that the broker may use to qualify you as professional.