Risk Warning

It is CML policy that all advisory clients should be provided with the following two-way risk warning notice.

You should not deal in CFDs unless you understand their nature and the extent of your exposure to risk. You should also be satisfied that the product is suitable for you in the light of your circumstances and financial position. Although CFDs can be utilised for the management of investment risk, it may not be suitable for some investors. In deciding whether to trade in CFDs, you should be aware of the following points.

CFDs can only be settled in cash. Investing in a CFD carries the same risks as investing in a future or an option or other derivative product. Transactions in CFDs may also have a contingent liability and you should be aware of the implications of this as set out below.

Contingent liability investment transactions, which are margined, require you to make a series of payments against the purchase price, instead of paying the whole purchase price immediately.

If you trade in contracts for differences, you may sustain a total loss of the margin you deposit with your firm to establish or maintain a position. If the market moves against you, you may be called upon to pay substantial additional margin at short notice to maintain the position. If you fail to do so within the time required, your position may be liquidated at a loss and you will be responsible for the resulting deficit.

Even if a transaction is not margined, it may still carry an obligation to make further payments in

Full Risk Warnings Statement

Sequant Capital policy is that all clients should be provided with the following risk warning notices relating to Spread betting, Contracts for Differences (CFDs) and Foreign Exchange (FX).

Trading in spread betting, CFDs and/or FX is highly speculative, involves a significant risk of loss of invested monies and is not suitable for all investors.

This is because they are what is known as leveraged products. This means that you pay a small deposit to invest a much larger sum, often as much as 10 times your initial investment.

For example, you would pay £100 to invest up to £1,000. You can be, however, liable for the full £1,000 if the price goes against you.

Only those clients who:

  • Can afford to lose their full initial investment and possibly the FULL leveraged sum should consider investing;
  • Have sufficient relevant knowledge and experience of trading complex products and where they do not have derivatives experience are willing to learn prior to investing, should consider investing;
  • Are fully accepting of the risks associated with these products/services including the volatility of markets, the liquidity of trades and contingent liabilities.

Leverage and Gearing:

Leverage and gearings result in a high degree of risk for spread betting, CFDs and FX trading. Small price movements in the underlying asset can have a dramatic effect on your trade.

If the price moves in your favour, this can provide a positive return on deposit, however, a small price move against you may result in significant losses which could exceed the initial investment amount.

The greater the leverage, the greater the risk involved.

Margin requirements:

Where you have invested £100, no-one wants you to lose £1,000, there a margin requirement is placed on all accounts. Clients must maintain the minimum margin requirement on their open position at all times. For example, this means where you have invested £100, to prevent you losing more than this sum, a limit will be placed on your account of £150.

Clients may receive a margin call to deposit additional cash if the margin in the account concerned is too low (for example £10, if the margin reaches £110). Losses may occur if the position of a trade is closed due to not having enough liquidity for the margin on your account to maintain open positions, in this instance at £150. You would then lose £150.

This is to ensure that you do not find yourself liable for the full £1,000 you originally leveraged. However, if a transaction is not margined, it may still carry an obligation to make further payments in certain circumstances over and above any amount paid when you entered the contract.

Risks associated with Long CFD positions:

Trading a CFD long means you are buying a position in the market with the view that the price will rise above the purchase price at the point of sale.

If the market price rises whilst you hold the position, generally you will make a profit. However, if the market price falls which you hold the position, you may suffer a loss.

Your potential loss may be larger than your initial margin deposited..

Risks associated with Short CFD positions:

Trading a CFD short means you are selling a position in the market with a view that the price will fall below the purchase price at the point of sale.

If the market price falls whilst you hold the position, generally you will make a profit. However, if the market price rises whilst you hold the position, you may suffer a loss.

Your potential loss may be larger than your initial margin deposited.

No rights to underlying assets:

Spread betting and CFD trades do not provide any right to the underlying instruments or assets, in other words, you do not own the share.

Currency risk:

Investing in FX and CFDs with an underlying asset listed in a currency other than your base currency entails currency risk when converting the trade back to the base currency, in the same way, that you can lose money when converting your holiday money.

Market liquidity:

Market conditions can change significantly in a very short period of time; it may not always be possible to close a trade under the same terms as it was opened.

Costs and charges:

All costs associated with transactions in spread betting, CFDs and/or FX should be explained and understood. You are liable for all associated costs with regards to your account.

Please see the costs and charges for further information.

Understanding Risks

There are different types of attitudes to risk. This guide may help you to assess and decide in which category you belong as a potential investor.

You must always seek independent professional advice before investing.

Ultra Cautious

All of your investments are in low-risk products such as cash and fixed interest type investments, and would not consider any other investment type, including high risk areas like CFDs.

Preferred outcome

Capital preservation is of paramount importance to you. You can expect only moderate returns from your investments and your overall capital value may be eroded by inflation.


You prefer most of your investments to be in low risk investments such as cash, but agree that a relatively smaller exposure to some higher risk funds may protect your funds from the corrosive effects of inflation.

Preferred outcome

Capital preservation is your main concern, but you are concerned about preserving your capital from inflation.


You would like to preserve short term financial security through low risk investments, but also want to benefit from the prospect of good long term returns from higher risk investments.

Preferred outcome

A balanced return of growth and income, due to the acceptance of more investment in higher risk investments, but this could have a negative effect on your capital

Risk Aware

You want to preserve some financial security by holding some lower risk investments, but you also are prepared to risk more to benefit from the prospect of good long term returns from a larger percentage of higher risk investments.

Preferred outcome

A balanced return of growth and income, with the focus on growth. You accept that your capita is at risk with the higher risk investments


You are willing to accept considerable investment risk to a high percentage of your capital in order to gain potentially much higher investment returns and are not concerned about short term security of capital and/or income.

Significant increase in capital, due to the acceptance of high risk products. However, there is a considerable risk of losing your money.

Restricted Advise

Sequant Capital offers only Restricted Advice to its customers. This means that we do not offer advice on all financial products, but are authorised to advise on the following products:

  • Certificates representing certain securities
  • Commodity Futures
  • Commodity options and options on commodity futures
  • Contract for Differences (excluding a spread bet and a rolling spot forex contract)
  • Futures (excluding a commodity future and a rolling spot forex contract) Government and public securities
  • Options (excluding a commodity option and an option on a commodity future)
  • Rights to or interests in investments (Contractually Based Investments)
  • Rights to or interests in investments (Security)
  • Rolling spot forex contracts
  • Shares
  • Spread Betting
  • Stakeholder pension schemes
  • Warrants

If you need advice on any products outside of this list or if you are in any doubt about any investment or service described, please seek professional advice.

Terms and Conditions

Retail Client

Sequant Capital will provide advisory services to you in relation to shares, derivatives, spread betting, foreign exchange and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) in particular and in Advisory Service or Execution only capacity. Sequant Capital is not authorised to act as a discretionary manager. Your account will be introduced and held at an Account Provider which will be referred to as your Account Provider, subject to a completed Power of Attorney (PoA) being in place.

A list of Account Providers that Sequant Capital uses is available (upon request) and which we may add or remove from time to time. You will also contract with your Account Provider as principal and will be subject to their Terms and Conditions.

Professional Client

Sequant Capital will categorise you as a Professional Client as defined by the FCA rules and you will agree to be treated as a Professional Client by signing our Professional Client Opt Up Agreement.

By signing the Professional Client Advisory Agreement, you agree to the criteria used and confirm that you have read and understood the Risk Warning notice (provided upon request) and further understand certain rights and protections that are lost and are not therefore available to Professional clients.

Complaints Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with any of our services, we have provided you with please write to us at the following address:

Sequant Capital

America House

2 America Square, London, EC3N 2LU

*Please read our full Risk Warning. Subject to our full T&Cs which can be provided upon request by sending us an email to: compliance@sequantcapital.com

Privacy Policy

Data Protection Act

We may process information relating to you (including personal data as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including holding such information in a manual format or electronic database, in order to satisfy any contractual, regulatory or statutory requirements we may have. Unless we receive specific written instructions to the contrary, by providing this information you agree that we may process this information in order to fulfil such obligations.

Our firm is registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner's Office and our data protection registration number is Z1981261.

This Policy may be updated at times and we recommend that you check this page periodically in order to ensure that you are aware of any changes that may take place.

Please contact us on: compliance@sequantcapital.com if you have any queries about your personal information or this Privacy Policy or you would like to opt out of receiving our marketing communication at any time.

Disclosure and Monitoring of your Personal Data

We may disclose, and monitor, only where necessary, the personal data that we have collected from you to:

  • Assist regulatory and/or government bodies whom our Firm is required to disclose by law;
  • Financial institutions and other similar organisations and/or companies that our Firm deals with in the course of its business and execution of services; and
  • Monitor and record communications of our clients (e.g. telephone conversations and emails) for the compliance and quality assurance purposes.

Third party Information

If you provide us with information on behalf of a third party, you confirm that the individual(s) has appointed you to act on their behalf and has agreed that you are allowed to:

  • Give consent on their behalf to the processing of their Personal Data (such as physical or mental health, racial or ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs) in the UK and/or abroad; and
  • Receive on their behalf any data protection notices.

Statutory Rights

As a Firm we have a duty to provide you with any personal data or information that we hold about yo (Data Subject Access Request).

If you seek further information please write to us on: compliance@sequantcapital.com

Retaining Personal Data

Personal Data will not be kept longer than what is necessary and as required by law, or in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recordkeeping requirements. Personal data published on our website, or social media will remain on our website and may be available via an internet search. As such, we are not to be held responsible or prevent the use or misuse of this information by third parties or others.

We use third parties that provide us with services of storing personal data and we have agreements in place to ensure the robustness of these services. We cannot, however, guarantee the security or integrity of all data we hold, as cybersecurity and/or fraud risks cannot be entirely mitigated due to the insecurity of the internet and the overall transmission of information.

Please note that our website includes details of, third party website over which we have no control and we are not to be held responsible for privacy policies nor practices of third parties.

Please see our Website Disclaimer for more information concerning the use of our Website.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Sequant Capital is a trading name of Central Markets (London) Ltd (FRN: 473312). The Firm is required to establish, monitor, implement, and maintain an effective Conflicts of Interest Policy in writing, which is appropriate to the size and nature of its business.

This is a summary of the full policy, which is available upon request from the Head of Compliance in order to manage Conflicts of Interest appropriately in relation to our duty to identify conflicts of interest between the Firm, its staff and its clients, including conflicts of interest between clients, and to deal with these conflicts in a fair and reasonable manner.

Identifying conflicts

The Firm has a duty to disclose conflicts and this policy covers all individuals working at our Firm at all levels (referred to as “staff” throughout this Policy).

Types of Conflict

A potential conflict occurs where competing obligations result in material risk of damage to the interests of a client. In order to prevent this Sequant Capital (London) Ltd will take into account whether:

  • It is likely to make a financial gain, or avoid a financial loss, at the expense of the client;
  • Has an interest in the outcome of a service or transaction provided to the client but which is different from the client’s interest in that outcome
  • Has a financial or other incentive to favour the interests of one client or group of clients over other clients;
  • Receives or will receive an inducement from someone other than the client in relation to a service provided to the client in the form of monies, goods or services.

Potential Areas of Conflict

Examples of the types of conflicts which may arise at our Firm include:

  • Interests in Competitors, Clients or Suppliers ;
  • Inducements ;
  • Interest in transactions and personal account dealing;
  • Diversion of business opportunity;
  • Outside employment and business interests;
  • Employee Loyalty;
  • Remuneration.

Managing Conflicts

Our Firm takes all reasonable steps to prevent the conflicts identified from giving rise to a material risk of damage to the interests of its clients.

We maintain a Conflicts Register the purpose of which is to record and maintain a list of all actual and potential types of conflicts, which may cause a material risk of damage to the interests of a client.

All conflicts will be managed by Senior Management and monitored by the Head of Compliance.

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